2001 & 2002- Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (40th and 41st annual)
• Showcased as a student artist in the painting and printmaking category respectively
2001- GLUT
• Three man art exhibition with Max Wright and Anil Ragubance at Union Gallery, Queen’s University
2000 & 2001- Cezanne’s Closet
• Union Gallery Annual Juried Fundraiser
2000- POP
• Three man art exhibition with Chien-Ming Huang and Takeshi Miyazawa at Union Gallery, Queen’s University
2000- Perspective, a Juried Student Exhibition
• Union Gallery Annex at Bio-Science Atrium, Queen’s University
2000- Memory, a Juried Student Exhibition
• Union Gallery Annex at Victoria Hall, Queen’s University
1999- Vertigo
• BFA 1st year show at Union Gallery, Queen’s University

I have proficient fine art skills in printmaking, painting and sculpture. Printmaking knowledge includes: Vinyl Matrix drawing, painting transfers, wood cut, intaglio, relief, Image-On print media, stone, plate, waterless lithography, U.V. silkscreen. Painting knowledge includes: Oil, Acrylic, Gauche and Chinese traditional calligraphy painting. Sculpture knowledge includes: Casting in metal, plaster, concrete, and wax; Welding and cutting using mug, tag, oxyacetylene, arc, and plasma; installation & mixed media.

Bonus Printmaking Experience
Contemporary Artist Center, North Adams Mass. U.S.A., 2001
• Printmaking
BFA studio, Queen’s University, Kingston ON, Canada, 2001
• Disassembling and Assembling Griffin’s Stone Lithographic Press Unit

Private Collection

Mr. N. Miller, Vancouver, BC
Mr. And Mrs. Yu, Vancouver, BC
Mr. A. Jones, Victoria, BC
Mr. And Mrs. Cameron, Victoria, BC
St. Michael’s University School, Victoria, BC
Mr. D. Cheung, Kingston, ON
Ms. V. Farquharson, Kingston, ON
Ms. H. Fyfe, Kingston, ON
Ms. E. Hanson, Kingston, ON
Mr. A. Miller, Kingston, ON
Mrs. K. Wehrle, Ottawa, ON
Mr. L. Edillon, Waterloo, ON
Mr. R. Yukawa, Montreal, Quebec
Ms. J. Wei, Taipei, Taiwan
Mr. And Mrs. Wei, Taipei, Taiwan
Ms. V. Wu, Taipei, Taiwan
Mr. Yossi, Toronto, ON
Ms. H. Gnaedinger, Toronto, ON
Mr. And Mrs. Jupiter, Toronto, ON
Mr. O. Mcleod, Toronto, ON
Ms. B. Shin, Toronto, ON
Ms. C.B. Boerksaqs, Simcoe
Ms. Ahlers, Toronto, ON
Ms. W. Rofihe, Toronto, ON
Ms. C. Raque, Roch, NY
Mr. R. Forbes, Toronto, ON
Ms. Rashmi V., Toronto, ON
Ms. J. Wyman, Kingston, ON
Ms. N. Lapierre, Kingston, ON

Available upon request